Charter Management

Want to invest but in this uncertain times you are affraid to do so?
Want to invest in something which is almost 100% certain?

Investment in yacht will give you opportunity to have excellent annual income and to have your money secured.
Last but not the least, it will give you opportunity to have unforgettable holiday few times a year sailing around beautiful unspoiled Croatian islands and in future to combine it with one of the most extraordinary places on earth Caribbean turquoise seas.

We’re in this business for 15 years and we've learned a lot, every day we still learn something new and keep changing along with the market rules and desires of seamen and sailors who own sail boats or charter one from our fleet. What is good and successful, we don’t change. We don’t change our passion for sailing boats and sailing business which we run all these years. Charter management is actually sum of activities in which we take care of your sail boat and people which are sailing with it, from first early contact to last goodbye when they finish their vacation period on the boat.

Yacht maintenance

Our service of yacht maintenance is mostly intended for boat owners who have little or no time to take care of their boats. If you are busy all year long and don’t have opportunities to service your yacht regularly, our team won’t let her waste away. You can trust our company to take good care of your yacht and have her ready and at your disposal when you have the time to use it.

Our extensive weekly and monthly schedules will ensure that preventative maintenance is executed reducing the chance of major work and our staff will keep a daily eye on your vessel and if required more regular care will be organized.

Our yacht maintenance service includes:

Regular vessel maintenance: maintenance and repairs on deck, free board, hull and shell plating, sails, electrical appliances and installations, and electronic and navigation equipment, cleaning, conservation and de-conservation of the vessel, coating and painting, replacing and repairing worn out parts.

Investment vessel maintenance: installation of new parts, works that improve quality and add value to the vessel and equipment, all works ordered by the owner…Special maintenance of the vessel.…

special maintenance on the vessel

Yacht booking

If you own or if you are buying a yacht that you would like to charter, you can hire our agency to take care of the booking for you. Our yacht booking service includes listing your boat in our charter offer, proposing it to clients and partner agencies, and advertising it in charter market. We have established good business connections and have large number of returning guests and clients every year.

By including your yacht in our charter offer, you can be sure she will be seen by many potential clients, and we guarantee to make a special effort to present her in the market.


We cannot tell you what yacht to choose. Only you know what you like and what suits your needs. We can help you with advice and give you numbers that might make it easier for you to decide, but the final choice is up to you.

However, chartering boats is business and it works only if it is profitable and quality offer that is in accordance with clients interest is the only thing that allows you to make enough profit to keep your place in the market. That’s why we need to provide yachts that are quality, interesting to our clients and profitable.