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At More Charter we are passionate about sailing and we want to share our passion with you. We have created something for anyone’s taste and level of experience. Whether you are beginner with no sailing experience whatsoever or an experienced yachtsman, someone who loves fast sailing or prefers exploring natural beauties and wealth of gastronomic delights, adventurous spirit or cultural enthusiast, we have a sailing holiday perfect for your unforgettable experience.

More Charter has prepared a set of route suggestions for a period of 7 and 14 days for families, friends and groups or solo travelers and couples. All you have to do is explore through our offers and choose the one perfect for you. Every route we suggest is subject to change which can be arranged with the skipper upon your arrival to the base. Whatever changes you wish to make, your skipper will do his best to meet your requests and suggest you best locations, sailing destinations, activities on the way and attractions to see.

Before you set sail to a sea check our sailing tips and hints:

1. Selection of a vessel type

The choice of the vessel depends entirely on your wishes and preferences. Our offer includes the following vessel types: sailboats (pleasure boats & performance cruisers) and sailing catamarans. For more information check our FLEET.

2. Clothes and shoes

If you intend to sail in every condition – especially in the off season – you need to have a water-tight sailing suit and boots with you.

For those who sail only from June to the end of August it will be enough to take a light windbreaker (waterproof), a few t-shirts, shorts, swimming suit, cap, and a sweater for evenings. You can also always use long pants. On board you will be either barefoot (what is the most comfortable way, however not recommended if you are engaged in sailing or similar), or you’ll wear sport shoes with rubber. Additional extra pair for exploring the coast and flip-flops are recommended. Do not travel with suitcases; they take too much space on the sailing boat. Rather use sports bags.

3. Other equipment

Enclosed find a list of useful items to be brought along:

Detergent, Paper towels, Dish towel, Swiss Knife, garbage bags, Gluing tape, Candles, lighter, Torch (headband), can opener, CD’s, Games, Photo camera, mobile phone, notebook including 12 V charger

4. Hiring a professional skipper

If you have no sailing experience at all, or if you do not possess officially recognized sailing license, you are obliged to hire a skipper.

Even if you have experience in sailing but are not sure in your maneuvering skills, it is strongly recommended to hire a professional skipper for at least several days, in order to make your cruise more relaxing. You can also benefit from the skippers' local knowledge - they are well acquainted with the Adriatic region and will be able to suggest you the most interesting places for swimming and fun, as well as numerous restaurants. We can reserve the skipper for you.

5. Important hints

As soon as the boat engine is stopped turn of the fridge. Otherwise the fridge will empty your batteries, always close Gas valve after cooking is finished. In case of stronger wind always put on the life belts. Reduce the sailing surface in time. Make economical use of the water (except you intend to go to a marina every two days), As soon as you leave the harbor or bay, close all valves and do not leave any kitchenware lying around, In the harbor or marina: s-l-o-w speed. Toilets: no tampons or similar things.

6. Weather

Following weather services are recommended:

DHMZ - the Croatian weather service including detailed charts and three & seven day prognosis. Additionally, radio Split is broadcasting three times a day weather update (ask the marina staff which channel is used).

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