One-way Party sailing — North

Nowhere in the world can you find on such small geographical area such a variety of landscapes and mild climate like in Croatia. Indented coast with over 1000 islands, 260 sunny days per year and sea temperature from 25 to 27º C are just some of the reasons for which you should spend your vacation here. Croatia soared to the top of this year’s poll on a Lonely Planet "Hot spots" Along the more than 1700km long Croatian coast, are situated many towns and 1185 islands, and each one of them is different and unique. As you make your way this stunning Croatian coastline you will encounter wild parties in world renowned clubs.

Day 1
Marina Kremik – Šibenik, Solaris (10 Nm)

Sailing Party Boat

Our first destination is Šibenik. Surrounded with beautiful nature and national parks, Šibenik is oerfect destination to visit during the summer. And considering the fun in Šibenik – it doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. Some even argue that that’s when it starts. Bars, clubs, lounges and live music venues – it’s all reason for us to put our dancing shoes on and rise to toast to Šibenik.

Day 2
Šibenik, Solaris – Vodice (6 Nm)

Street performers: singers, klapas, dancers, painters, comics and others, transform the streets and shops of Vodice into an outside stage during the summer. The whole city lives life to the fullest during this period. Bars and clubs also come to life during the summer. Some of the more popular ones are Macando, Opium, Exit, Hookah bar, Makina, Cocolino, cocktail bars…as well as the most famous Hacienda, a nightclub located just outside of town, on the main road towards Šibenik. It can fit up to 2000 visitors and is famous for elaborate disco parties.

Day 3
Vodice – Biograd (22 Nm)

Yachting Party Croatia

Biograd is one of more peaceful and quiet places on our tour. It offers less partying and more relaxing. Of the many summer cultural and social events recommend: Biograd summer, which lasts during July and August offers many popular music concerts in the open, and concerts of classical music as well as music and dancing at the pool, “Illyria”, performances of local and visiting cultural artistic societies, gangs, various exhibitions for artists, photographers and sculptors, as well as maintenance of the Biograd n / m the summer games. Biogradska night will be held this year on city waterfront as one of the major summer events, and represents a true manifestation of food, song and dance, fireworks, marine and meat delicacies.

Day 4
Biograd – Zadar (15 Nm)

On warm evenings, everybody is outside. Sitting on benches and promenading the street (the Italian Corzo) are habits that still linger. Zadar’s nightlife isn’t divided into old and young, so in most places you’ll find an unpretentious mix of people. While the Old Town is an atmospheric place to spend your evenings, you can also spend time in places like Borik, Diklo and Kolovare, to catch the sea breeze and watch the sun go down. Zadar’s sunsets are supposed to be the best in the world. Apparently, Alfred Hitchcock agreed. Those of you wanting a little more will nevertheless not be disappointed. Young Croatians are a pretty cosmopolitan lot, and you would be surprised how urban the culture is. There are a handful of clubs which offer some decent nights, and a wide choice of bars to suit your tastes.

Day 5
Bol, Brač – Hvar, Hvar (18 Nm)

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The 900 year old village of Petrčane is the best place to visit during the summer if you are interested in discovering summer festivals that will satisfy music lovers of all genres. List of festivals just goes on and on: Suncebeat, Soundwave festival, Electric elephant, The garden festival, Stop making sense and many more. Most of the festival goers from around the world that visited this village fell in love with this enchanting place, with lovely seafood restaurants and friendly cafes.

Day 6
Petrčane – Olib (24 Nm)

Clubbing Party

Day on Olib is a perfect possibility to grab some sun, enjoy and recharge your bateries before continuing to Zrće. Olib is a small island with few smaller settlements, characteristic by the way of life which completely rejects automobile traffic. It is even forbidden to drive a car on Olib. It is possible to place the car on an arranged central parking lot for the entire island. This small island is full of sandy beaches, peach and unpolluted environment.

Day 7
Olib – Pag, Novalja (13 Nm)

Novalja Pag Zrce Zrče Party Yacht Sailing DJ Tiesto

Novalja, Zrće – the most famous beach, with an amphitheater shape, over 1000 meters long with an addition in the Katrelac area where there are sport facilities on the sea, sky lift, jet ski, rent a boat and more. The biggest Pag’s bay is surrounded by 20 km of pebbly beaches. The area of Zrće is the center of summer club music in Croatia. The famous clubs such as Aquarius, Papaya and Kalypso have guests of the most famous DJ names in club electronic music such as Paul van Dyk, Tiesto, David Morales, Chemical brothers and many more.

The City of Novalja is full with restaurants and other catering establishments and it offers numerous one-day excursions, different activities and adventures. One of the best places on the Adriatic for summer night life, Novalja is an ideal place for night life.