Adventure sailing

If you decide to take the adventurous route around Dalmatian coast and islands, you can find some guidance in this itinerary. Decide which routes to follow, pick activities that best suit your interest, spend a fully active holiday with loads of activities, or make a lovely family holiday a little bit more interesting. And don’t forget to experience the Adriatic lifestyle, enjoy the crystal clear sea, beautiful pristine nature, rich cultural heritage, and of course rich cuisine.

Day 1
Marina Kremik – Split (27 Nm)

Split Croatia Coast

Our first stop on this adventure filled route is Split, or Marjan to be exact. And the first activity that we suggest to enrich your holiday is climbing. Marjan is the climbing area situated in the center of the Split. On the south side of the Marjan peninsula the cliffs are facing island of Šolta and peninsula Čiovo, as well as many of city beaches laid below limestone cliffs. The Marjan crag is located inside of a well-kept state park and runs along the top of the hill for 500m to a height of 15-30m. It is a home crag for climbers from Split who are very proud to have such a great climbing crag in the middle of the town, with such a rich history. Suitable for both beginners and advanced climbers, and with the fascinating view at the historic center of Split and the turquoise blue Adriatic Sea, Marjan is a perfect spot that can make this an unforgettable experience.

Day 2
Split – Omiš (12 Nm) – Brač, Milna (16 Nm)

Rafting Split Croatia

Second day brings a new adventure. Today’s activity of he adventurers. It requires physical strength, strong willpothe day is – rafting on the Cetina River. Without any doubt, the river Cetina is one of the nicest places in Croatia where you can experience the magic of a rafting adventure. It is situated in a luscious region surrounded by quaint little villages. The rapids of Cetina River are relatively easy and the scenery is breathtaking – waterfalls and caves, deep canyon and jungle like vegetation along the clear and green river.

The warm Mediterranean climate meets mountain canyons and rivers here to create a setting for a fairy tale. The rafting trip ends in Radmanove Mlinice, nowadays an open air restaurant situated around a beautiful old water mill where we relax and enjoy the traditional Croatian cuisine. Rafting is a discipline specially designed for the adventurers. It requires physical strength, strong willpower and swimming skills to raft down the foaming wild river. By obeying skipper’s instructions on how, when and how hard you need to paddle, or when do you have to throw yourself at the raft and hold tight, you will experience an adventure tour that will stay in your memory for long time.

Day 3
Brač, Milna – Brač, Bol (16 Nm)

Telescica Dugi Otok Zut Croatia

If you are not attracted to the river and you are tired of crowded beaches and inevitable summer throng, sea kayaking is the perfect choice. On our third day is reserved for a little bit of sea kayking. Croatian sea coast is considered to be one of the most impressive coastlines in Europe. With its 1185 islands, islets and reefs it is one of the most rugged and picturesque coasts of Mediterranean. Sea kayaking is the best way to explore this ravishing two thousand kilometers coastline! The south side of the Island of Brač is one of the most beautiful areas to explore by sea kayak. While paddling along the coast, we can stop at one of the many hidden, uninhabited, gravel beaches accessible only by sea. You will explore caves, springs of a subterranean river and swim in the irresistible crystal blue sea.

Day 4
Brač, Bol – Hvar, Starigrad (12 Nm)

Telescica Park Dugi Otok

Today, as we arrive in the beautiful town of Bol, judging by the number of sails visible in the sea, we can already guess today’s activity. It’s got to be some kind of surfing. Bol has become a favourite destination for surfers from various parts of Europe and the world. The sea channel between the islands of Brač and Hvar, and the wind that blows there, provide ideal conditions for windsurfing, kitesurfing or any kind of wind connected sport. The main attraction of Bol is its Zlatni Rat (Golden Horn) fine pebbly beach, for many the most beautiful beach in Croatia. Windsurfers started coming to Bol since the early 70′s and every since it is their favourite destination.

During summer months maestral wind is prevailing. Before noon mild southeastern levante wind blows which is ideal for windsurfing beginners. Afternoon is the time for maestral from the southwest. It comes slowly from the channel between Brac and Hvar but after few hours it becomes very strong and suitable only for advanced surfers. It is a spectacular sight which usually gathers large number of spectators.

Day 5
Hvar, Starigrad – Šolta, Maslinica (21 Nm)

Scuba Diving Hvar Croatia

Just accros the channel lies the Island of Har and our destination – Starigrad. But our fifth day of our adventure won’t be on the surface, we are going to investigate the underworld of Dalmatia. Divers found Hvar to be an island with a thousand possibilities. Its beauties are not only found on the land but also the sea surrounding it took something for itself. You name it, the island has all the means of offering you everything like snorkeling and scuba diving

West towards the Bay of Starigrad on the Island of Hvar you will see Pt. Kabal – large crags in the distance resembling a small island in the middle of the Hvar Channel. An extremely interesting site lies beneath its lighthouse – an undersea cave that runs under it. Discover the underwater world of the crystal clear ocean of Croatia and enjoy watching red mullets, anthias, rainbow wrasses, flounders, scorpion fish, squids and many more.

Day 6
Šolta, Maslinica – Marina Kremik (20 Nm)

Last, but not least. Before the return to Marina Kremik, we visit the Island of Šolta. Ideal for many things, the island is also a host to many trails that lead to wherever you want to go, and we can use them for our last activity of this tour – cyclig or hiking. You can’t get lost on the island as all trails and bike paths lead back to a settlement.

The biking/hiking tour takes us through small island settlements, fields and vineyards. A part of the trail follows the old Greek and Roman trails and afterwards a beautiful bay crowned with a castle of the Marchi family from the 18th c. The ideal bike path gives you a chance to see the green scenery, fishermen houses, blue sea that will follow you to the oldest village of the island always full of life, that well-known Dalmatian murmur, the sound of waves. This makes a great ending of a perfect tour.