7 Days North

Day 1 – Opat
Marina Kremik – Opat (cca 25nm)

Marina Kremik Opat Kornati

Opat is located on the southern tip of the island of Kornat in the Kornati archipelago. Opat is a wonderful place with a cozy tavern serving great food and fresh seafood being their speciality. Most taverns along the coast serve very fresh, organic and traditional food. There is a good bay for anchoring and a berth with fixed moorings.

Day 2 – Žut
Opat – Žut (cca 15Nm)

Žut is a nautical paradise and one of the islands in the Kornati archipelago. IT lies between the islands of Pašman and Ugljan (which is linked to the mainland). Žut is a long, narrow island and covers an area of nearly 15 square miles and is at most 2 km wide. The highest point is 172 meters above sea level. The island is steep and has a retracted, protected coastline, which is characterized by the sheltered bays Luka Hiljača, Sarušćica, Yellow, Bizikovica and a few less. From there, it feels far to all the amenities and you get the feeling of being on a Robinson island. Zut is covered with olive, fig trees and vines and has no permanent settlements. The island is regularly used throughout the year by fishermen, small-scale livestock farmers and olive and fig pickers from the island of Murter second Kornati. Žut island has a lovely marina, complete with a good taverna, Restaurant Fešta.

Day 3 – Telelašćica bay
Žut-Telelašćica bay (cca 10 nm)

Telescica Dugi Otok Zut Croatia

Telašćica, is a nature park named after the bay which is located in the southeastern part of Dugi Otok. The bay is about 8 km depth of 1.6 kilometers wide. In Telascica bay are 25 large and small coves, bays, 5 islets. Thanks to its location it is well protected against Gulf storms. Telašćica is one of the largest and best protected bays in the eastern Adriatic coast. It consists of three parts separated by narrower. These three elements are Tripuljak, Farfarikulac and Telašćica. The greater part of the bay bottom is covered with groups of marine flowering plants, marine habitats, and an extraordinary rich wildlife which is essential for the reproduction of many fish species. In view of the beautiful nature we suggest dinner on board.

Day 4 – Ravni Zakan

Telaščica - Ravni Zakan approximately 18nm Ravni Zakan is a real dream place. Nature is enchanting beauty. A beautiful little island with mini-communities on the southern and northern sides. On the north side, the tavern “Laurus” with small buoys that bob outside, where you can moor the boat. On the south side is also a restaurant which is the largest in Kornati archipelagio. This restaurant is well visited by cruise ships and can be quite full during the summer months. The food is absolutely excellent (but quite expensive).

Day 5 – Kaprije
Ravni Zakan - Kaprije approximately 17nm

Have you seen the Oscar-winning movie Mediterraneo? Would you like to spend some time on a small forgotten island in the middle of now where. The only thing that exists on the island is a small sleepy fishing village that miraculously resisted any development in tourism signs. Kaprije is an island which one is difficult to describe with words. Incredibly beautiful and innocent, especially during early spring and late autumn, when the Adriatic sea is empty of tourists. Totally amazing to wake up in a place as the Nozda bay. Almost so that you yearn for a much more primitive world and a life greater proximity to nature.

Day 6 – Žirje
Kaprije - Žirje approximately 20nm

Having cruised around the Kornati and the Sibenik archipelago, it is time to end the island trip with a visit to the island Žirje. Here is the beautiful bay V. Stupice. V. Stupice is a good anchor bay. There are also solid even buoys that can be used freely. The bay is a wonderful natural harbour with excellent protection and natural beauty. A perfect end goal. In the bay there is a restaurant where one can eat typical, home made Mediterranean cuisine. Dining experience is not great why you might skip a visit if you do not have to. Sit in the boat and enjoy the food you make yourself instead. The wonderful environment is of course free of charge in any case.

Day 7 – Port

Fish Croatia

Last night, it is common to check out the boat so that there are no commitments on Saturday mornings because transfer from the port often go early. So check out for some dinner at a cozy local tavern.