7 Days South

Day 1 – Veli Drvenik
Marina Kremik – V. Drvenik (cca 17nm)

V. Drvenik Marina

V. Drvenik inspiration with exciting natur, fragrant herbs and a centuries-old olive trees. Here you will find peace and tranquility for body and soul without mass tourism. A visit to Restaurant Tramontana is a must.

Tramonatana studio consists of a villa overlooking the harbor and serves as a restaurant and studio. Here you get free use of studio garden and other related facilities. The restaurant is open between 16:00 and 23:00. They serve wonderful garlic and herb smelling Mediterranean cuisine, cooked on the freshest ingredients, along with the area’s wines.

Day 2 – Milna, Brač
V.Drvenik-Milna Brač (cca 20nm)

Milna west is on the part of the island of Brač. The village is at the far end of a sheltered bay and has roots to roman times, when it was carrying marble to Dikletianus emperor palace in Split from the island of Brač. There is fine dining, quiet spots and a nice walk. The bay also has nice beaches if you do not want to swim from the boat. There are currently two marinas in Milna, modernly equipped for a comfortable stay. For those who want even more quiet, we recommend Bobovisce bay which lies just east of Milna.

Day 3 – Hvar
Milna Brač, Hvar approximately 15Nm

Milna Brač Hvar

Hvar attracts much JETSET and that include a lot of people. Here you will find the trendiest spots, cafés, bars, hotels etc, but expect a bit more expensive prices. Good to know is that the Hvar bay is pretty full during peak season when the city attracts many tourists. One option is to fold in ACI Marina Palmizana located on the island opposite, which is a wonderful place in itself with lush charm. From here you can easily get to Hvar town with water taxi. The boats go all night during the summer season. Try also the bay Eng Nedelja located south east of Hvar town, weather permitting. Here is a really nice restaurant that is well worth a visit.

Day 4 – Šćedro
Hvar-Šćedro (cca 17nm)

Šćedro is a lovely island with a beautiful natural harbor. Here are two fine restaurants to enjoy dinner at if you do not want to remain on board. Scedro The island has two deep and well protected bays. In the Bay Mostir are the ruins of a Dominican monastery and a hospice for the sailor who was founded back in 1465, and was abandoned in the 1800s.

Šćedro played an important role in the Adriatic maritime history, with its sheltered bays and harbor. The island offers pleasant walks, good swimming and beautiful views, especially on the western side (lovely view over Hvar high ridge especially at sunset). The climate of Šćedro is slightly milder than on Hvar. Šćedro is clearly worth a stop on the voyage.

Day 5 – Vis Komiža
Šćedro-Vis Komiža (cca 30nm)

Modra Spilja Bisevo Island Vis

On the east coast of the bay where Komiža lies are big sand and pebble beaches (Gusarica, Nova Posta, Velo Žalo). The special atmosphere on summer evenings is enhanced with performances of harmony-singing groups and children’s choirs in the coastal area, promenade or in one of society’s local restaurants. Until 1989 the island was military. Tourists were not allowed to disembark on the island.

Vis, with its lobed coast is virtually untouched. The island is unexplored and cozy.

Biševo island located south west of Vis has a blue grotto – Modra Špilja. Here the water has beautiful shades of light that seeps into. There are guided excursions to the cave if you choose to visit during slightly more orderly circumstances.

Day 6 – Šolta
Komiža-Šolta (cca 25 nm)

This long streched island is a true altitude aromatic area, with a wonderful nature that sailors loves … Coves, islets, lush and green environment is competing for your attention. A clear favourite of the route is a coazy cave called Sesula. Whole Šolta is only 52 square km in area. Šolta was a popular vacation spot for the Roman nobility. In many of the island’s most beautiful places one can still find the ruins of Roman villas.

Day 7 – Port

Port Croatia

Last night, it is common to check out the boat so that there are no commitments on Saturday mornings because transfer from the port often go early. So check out for some dinner at a cozy local tavern.